If you live in the Nashua River watershed, we invite you to host a screening of the 10-minute film and a conversation with Marion, for free, in your own living room, a local library, or some other appropriate place.

Invite your neightbors, invite local landowners—especially people with property along rivers and streams in the watershed. They may be inspired to take the next step in land philanthropy and help bring to fruition the completion of the greenway along the Nashua and its tributaries.

Though this program (the film and Marion) are not designed to give people the "nuts and bolts" of how to conserve land, it will get people thinking "why should I consider land philanthropy in the Nashua River watershed?"

You can watch the film on Vimeo, right from this webite! It is free and easy.

If you live outside the area and want to host Marion, give us a call! 
Joy Reo: (671)794-8619